Freckles and Blemishes

Freckles and BlemishesA person’s appearance can be affected by a number of skin related problems. While some are age related, others can show up at any stage of life. Freckles and blemishes in Dubai can affect a person at any age and are caused by buildup of melanin in the skin.

These round and flat spots become very obvious and do not look all that good and can affect the personality in a negative manner. While some embrace them since they are natural, others are skeptical about them and want to get rid of them. For this purpose, there are several treatment options that are available.

Factors causing freckles and blemishes?

Freckles and blemishes are caused by a number of factors. Exposure to the sun is the most common one. They can also be caused due to imbalance in hormones. Freckles are also at times hereditary in nautre. While people around the globe are affected by these blemishes, their occurrence is far greater in people with lighter skin tones.

Preventive measures for freckles and blemishes

Too much of exposure to the sun is the main issue and by avoiding sun when it is beating down the hardest is the key to avoid Pigmentation issues like freckles and blemishes. Application of a broad spectrum sunscreen and wearing a hat when going out can greatly help.

Drinking lots of water is also important to avoid the problem. Last but certainly not the least, vitamin C has been found to be quite effective in keeping the freckles away. Make sure that you consume the minimum required amount of vitamin C along with other vitaminsto keep your skin away from blemishes.

Treatment Options

There are numerous treatments that can be used for the purpose of getting rid of freckles and blemishes. We shall briefly look into them in the following lines.

Topical Creams

Topical creams can be quite effective in getting rid of freckles and blemishes. The active ingredients in these creams are generally Hydroquinone and Retinol. While many of these creams are easily available over the counter, it is important to consult with a doctor prior to starting their use. This will help you in selecting the right product and learning about the potential side effects these creams have.

The creams need to be applied for a while in order to achieve the desired results. Be sure to persevere and continue their usage until the freckles are gone.

Laser Therapy

It is one of the most effective treatments for freckles and blemishes. A Q-Switched laser is used in order to target the melanin in the skin. It breaks down the pigmentation build up. Since it is set at specific frequencies to target the dark matter, it does not affect the other parts of the skin.

This noninvasive treatment needs to be repeated a few times to get the desired outcome. There are some light side effects and generally no downtime. Cooling gel may be used prior to the procedure to ensure that there is no feeling of pain during the treatment.

IPL Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the most effective treatments for freckles and blemishes. It uses a broad spectrum light at very specific wavelengths in order to target the melanin in the skin and break it down. Since the light only targets the darker matter, the skin nearby remains largely unaffected.

Four to six treatment sessions are usually enough to get the job done. Side effects are mild and there is no downtime. To numb down any sensations of pain, cooling gel is usually applied to the area to be treated. The results acquired are long term.

Fractional CO2 Skin Resurfacing

The treatment uses fractionated carbon dioxide laser to break down the melanin. It resurfaces the skin by boring tiny holes and the new skin that comes has lesser appearance of the freckles and blemishes. It also boosts the collagen and elastin levels in the skin which allows a suppler skin.

The side effects from Fractional CO2 are not very severe and for most people, there is no downtime. Numerous sessions of the treatment are needed to achieve the final results. Topical anesthetics are used as a matter of routine prior to the treatment to counter any pain during the procedure.


Microdermabrasion works with the help of a handheld device that sprays tiny crystals to exfoliate the top layer of the skin with freckles and blemishes on it. This allows new skin to replace the old damaged top layer which has a lesser appearance of the blemishes.The treatment also boosts the overall health of the skin by improving the production of collagen.

Like all similar treatments, four to six sessions are needed to achieve the desired outcome from the treatment. There are some mild and temporary side effects with Microdermabrasion Treatment. There is no downtime with this treatment. Use of topical anesthetics prior to the treatment is a standard procedure to ensure that no pain is felt.

Chemical Peels

These are acidic solutions available in different strengths. They are applied to the skin to resurface the top layer, allowing healthier skin with lesser freckles and blemishes to come up on top. Collagen level too is boosted in the skin.

Side effects and downtime are determined by the strength of the peels. Anesthetics may need to be used to numb down sensations of discomfort. The number of applications needed also depend upon the strength of the peels.

While they can be acquired easily without a prescription from a drugstore, it is a good idea to let a professional apply them for you. Trying it yourself at home adds to the risk of burning the top layer of the skin if the application is not properly done.

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