Fractional Co2 Treatment

Fractional Co2 LaserWith the progress of age, a number of skin related conditions that negatively affect a person. They damage the appearance and take the charm away from the personality. To correct them, there are a number of skincare treatments that are available. One of the most liked treatment option is Fractional Co2. It has been heralded as one of the finest skincare procedures in the recent times.

What is fractional CO2?

It is fractionated Carbon Dioxide laser that is used to treat a host of skin related conditions with great effectiveness. Since the laser is fractionated, it does not maintain the same level of harshness as the traditional carbon dioxide laser yet it offers the results that are equally good.

Which skin conditions can be corrected?

A number of skin related conditions can be corrected with the help of fractional CO2 Treatment. These include fine lines and wrinkles that form on the face with age. Uneven skin tone and pigmentation problems can also be corrected.

Scars caused by acne, surgical procedures and trauma can be corrected with the help of this treatment option. Damage caused by the sun to the skin and textural irregularities too can be easily corrected with fractional CO2. The treatment is especially good for getting rid of freckles and blemishes. It is also useful for treating acne trouble.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone with the above mentioned skin conditions is a good candidate to get treated. Some people, however, due to certain reasons may not be able to get the treatment. These include women who are pregnant or may become pregnant and mothers who are nursing. Although any ill effects on the mother or the baby have not been determined with the treatment, it is considered a better option to remain on the safe side.

People with a history of slow healing should talk to their doctor prior to getting the treatment. Those who have used isotretinion or Accutane in the last six months are not suitable candidates for the treatment.

The procedure

The procedure is quite simple. It works by skin resurfacing in order to get rid of the given problem. Shafts of carbon dioxide laser bore tiny holes in the top layer of the skin to remove this damaged layer. Over the next few days, the skin crusts away and healthier skin replaces it. The treatment also helps in boosting the level of collagen in the skin which helps in keeping the skin firm and supple.

The good results can be seen over the next few days as the level of collagen continues to improve and the new skin comes up on top. To completely get rid of these skin conditions, several treatment sessions are needed. The exact number depends upon the type of skin problem and its extent. A dermatologist can best determine the number of sessions needed. Generally five to six sessions are enough for most conditions.

Is it painful?

There is almost no pain in the treatment since it is a noninvasive treatment. To numb down any sensations of pain, topical anesthetics are generally applied to the area being treated. The most discomfort felt is similar to that of a light rubber band snapping against the skin.

Side effects

The side effects associated with fractional CO2 are mild and temporary in nature. The most common issues are redness and swelling in the treated area along with some itching. Tenderness to touch too can be developed. The span of these side effects can be from a few hours to up to two days. No treatment is needed to get rid of them. In rare cases, some bruising can also take place though this generally does not last for a long time.

Photosensitivity is developed as a result of the treatment. Avoiding the sun during its peak hours is imperative to ensure that the UV rays do not cause any damage to the skin in the treated area. When you go out during the day hours, ensure that you apply sunscreen with high SPF in it. Wearing clothes that cover the entire body and using a floppy hat also can help in reducing the risk of skin damage.


There is no downtime after the treatment though it is not a bad idea to take some time off to ensure a quick recovery. Some discomfort is there after the treatment and taking time off from the work can help a person in feeling better. Ideally get the treatment done over a weekend so that you can take it easy afterwards.

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