Chemical Peels

chemical peelsFace is the most essential and important part of the human body and in today’s world having a bad complexion or any cosmetic problem in the face region causes the patient to lose confidence. Acne, dark complexion, minor imperfections, large pores, scars and wrinkles cause the face to look older than it actually is. Gone are the days when such treatments were a dream but now there’s a very simple way to get fresh glowing skin without undergoing any knife treatment; the Chemical peels are relatively cost effective treatment for every medium kind of facial cosmetic problem that are available almost everywhere in the world.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are non-invasive cosmetic solution that can be applied on the hands, neck and face of the human being. They are applied to the face and it causes the upper most layer of the skin to blister and eventually peel off and the skin that takes place of upper layer is less wrinkled, smoother and better looking than the previous one. There are several types of the chemical peels and it must be done under several circumstances. Chemical peel makes the texture of the body smooth and brings out the lighter complexion. Chemical peels treatment in Abu Dhabi is available almost everywhere and you are advised to consult the dermatologist first before applying for chemical peels. The Chemical peels are of several types and should be chosen according to the need of the patient.

Candidates for chemical peels

The people, who are unhappy with their current appearance and want a slight change in their natural color, are the best chemical peels candidate. The ideal candidate for the chemical peel are the light skin people who want to get rid of the pimples and wrinkles but other skin tones also work great with the chemical peeling agent.

Types of chemical peels

Chemical peels are used to remove the outer layer of the skins but much peeling will be done by agent, it all depends on the type of chemical peel. There are three major types of chemical peels that are made up of different peeling agents.

Superficial/lunchtime peels

As the name indicates the lunchtime peels are most casual form of the chemical peels as they are easy to use and only effect the upper most layer of the skin surface. This type of peeling removes the epidermis of the cells and allows the body to regenerate a fairly smoother skin with great textures. They are made up of alpha or beta hydroxyl acids, lactic acids and glycolic acid and fruit mixture is also applied to the new superficial peels to give even fresher and young look to the patient. The superficial peels are fast and they don’t require any medical procedure to take place before applying. The patient of superficial peels can return to perform daily tasks just after the peels. It is the lightest form of Chemical peels treatment in Dubai.

Medium depth peels

Medium depth peels is form of Chemical peels treatment in Abu Dhabi that deals with correcting the tone of the skin surface with the help of trichloroacetic acid which actually takes abit longer to cure itself. The peels not only answer the wrinkles but also are great to get rid of the unwanted pigmentation of the body. After the treatment you will start feel the stinging and burn on treated parts of the body and usually lasts for an hour or two. The medium depth peels take almost a week to cure them properly but its effects are long lasting and better than the lunchtime peels.

Deep peels

The deep peel are the best kind of peel treatment and is long lasting but the deep peels treatment removes the whole mask from the body making the patient look insignificant for over a week. Face swells for couple of days but heals back afterwards. Chemical deep peels sometimes require the patient to be sedated before the treatment. Deep chemical peels treatment in Dubai is good if you are looking for a natural way to eliminate the wrinkles and scars.

Best Chemical Peels treatment

You can choose any of the above mentioned chemical peel formula after consulting the qualified dermatologist. Basically the choice of chemical peels depends on how you want to treat your acne, wrinkles, pimples, dark complexion and smoother skin. Chemical peels treatment in Dubai allows the patient to get the most natural skin within a week without undergoing any knife surgery. There is no post procedure care and you can return to work after the rejuvenation of the skin.

After the peel treatment

The peel treatment is harmless in nature but deep peels should never be applied without consulting the qualified dermatologist in Dubai. The deep peels can react to body in negative way so after applying, you should make sure that

  • Your skin is not dirty
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption
  • Avoid the sun in every conditions
  • Skin lightning products should not be used after the procedure
  • Makeup should not be used in any case after or before the peeling process.

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