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Varicose veins or spider veins is a common problem which is faced by many individuals. They ruin the appearance you your skin and look unsightly. They are small blood vessels that are twisted and enlarged which causes them to peak through the skin. This condition usually occurs on the legs and arms. Multiple factors can lead to spider veins ranging from genetics to poor posture. The good news is however that this particular condition can be treated via varicose veins treatment in Abu Dhabi. Let’s begin by looking at what are the main causes of spider veins:


Some people natural have small valves of veins which results in collection of blood in the vessels. This can result in thickening of veins which eventually leads to varicose veins. Do not worry as even if your problem is hereditary, you can undergo varicose veins treatment in Abu Dhabi and get a cure for your problem once and for all.

Weight loss

Rapid weight loss or weight gain can damage your overall health and lead to varicose veins. It is due to blockage of blood vessel which comes as a side effect of rapid weight fluctuation.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal imbalance also contributes towards spider veins. If you are in taking some kind of birth control pill or other types of hormonal pills, you will most likely suffer from spider veins.  Not to worry as there are plenty of varicose veins treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Body posture

If you sit through most of your day and bend your legs a lot, then you will most likely suffer from spider veins. Even if you have to sit in an office throughout the day, it’s better to walk for a little while to avoid this issue.

Varicose veins treatment in Abu Dhabi

There are two main treatments which can cure your problem once and for all. All two of them are equally effective for treating spider veins. Dermatologists use one over the other based on the cause of spider veins and their possible treatments.


This varicose veins treatment in Abu Dhabi begins by numbing the affected area. Afterwards, a needle is injected which promotes scaring of veins and leads them to shut down eventually. It makes such veins fade away and revives your confidence back.

Laser treatment in Abu Dhabi

Laser is a non invasive varicose veins treatment in Abu Dhabi. Laser gun is utilized to bombard the affected area with the help of a laser gun. It shuts down the veins and reduces their appearance to a large extent. It is the most preferred treatment.

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