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There are several hospitals in Abu Dhabi but there are few hospitals that deal with cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic procedures are that health problems that affect the body in terms of appearance and sometimes have medical reasons attached to it. Most of the time, hospitals have skin specialists but they don’t have enough facilities and proper equipment to treat the problem. In UAE, they have been promoting the medical tourism and cosmetic treatments in UAE are popular so we’ve compiled list of Top five cosmetic treatment hospitals in Abu Dhabi. The cosmetic treatments have gained popularity and most of the skin problems and personality issues can easily be solved with the help of cosmetic treatment. There are problems such as Rosacea, Acne Scars and Birthmarks that are experienced by everyone and requires proper cosmetic treatment under supervision of qualified dermatologist. Top Five Hospitals in Abu Dhabi are as under




Top 5 best hospitals in Abu Dhabi

Dubai Laser Treatment

Skin care clinic

Laser Skin Care

Al Ghafara medical

Al-Noor Hospital


Dubai Laser Treatment

The best and one of a kind Laser Treatment Dubai center that provides solution for all the cosmetic problems with the help of laser technology; the laser technology is better because it is painless and non invasive in nature and doesn’t requires patient to stay in bed after the treatment. All the treatments are done with 100% success rate and consultancy from the qualified dermatologists is provided for the best treatment possible. Skin Glow, facial peels and micro-needling treatment is also provided to eliminate all the cosmetic problems.

Skin Care Clinic

Skin Care Clinic is situated in Dubai Healthcare City and it is one of the most amazing skin care clinics in the UAE. Qualified dermatologists are there to provide free consultancy for any kind of cosmetic condition and there are variety of cosmetic procedures that can eliminate the condition without causing any damage to the body.

Laser Skin Care

Laser Skin Care clinic is considered as the best laser skin care clinic in the town. The treatments offered in the laser skin care clinic are not only cosmetic in nature but they have long term effect on the health as well. The Best surgeons and Dermatologists in Abu Dhabi are available to provide the free consultancy and 100% successful treatment. Most of the treatments available in the Laser Skin Care clinic are non invasive and non surgical in nature and allow the patient to go back to daily routine without any downtime.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is one of the most dedicated cosmetic treatment centers available in the Abu Dhabi. The treatments available in Dubai Cosmetic Surgery range from health treatments to cosmetic treatments. Having wide number of dermatologists and health specialists allows the patient to get every kind of treatment under one roof. The cosmetic treatments are done under supervision of a qualified dermatologist for minimal pain and faster recovery.

Al-Noor Hospital

Al-Noor Hospital is situated in Khalifa Street and it provides treatment for almost every cosmetic problem. The treatments provided in Al-Noor Hospital are under supervision of qualified dermatologist/surgeons and the genres for the cosmetic treatment are as Plastic Surgery, Medical Aesthetics, Bariatric Surgery, Orthopedics and Urology.  There are about thirty treatments that are offered by the qualified dermatologist. The number of dermatologists and surgeons available for the treatment of different kinds of cosmetic problems are less in nature.


There are several hospitals in Abu Dhabi but there are very few who provide proper cosmetic treatment under supervision of qualified surgeons and dermatologists. The skin care and cosmetic problems are considered as primary health concern nowadays and it is important to treat them. Proper consultancy from the dermatologist and skin specialist is required before undergoing the treatment and proper care is required after the treatment for longer effects.

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