Story Time: How was My Experience with Green Peels Treatment?

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Green Peels treatment in Dubai is regarded as a more natural approach to beautifying your skin in the cosmetic industry. It definitely is a relatively natural approach and that factor alone made me opt for it instead of any other skin care treatments.  I was vacationing, soaking as much sun as possible and what I didn’t realize that I was damaging my skin beyond its capacity. When I came back, initially everyone complicated me on my glowing skin which I have acquired with the help of the sun. Soon after a week, the novelty started to wear off and I began to see the damage that the sun and lack of hydration have done to my skin.

Green Peels Treatment is Best For you?

My skin was cracking up and it was so dry that it was itchy throughout the day. I was moisturizing my skin as much as I possibly could. I bought the heaviest night creams and day moisturizers. I was trying tons of home remedies. I also made sure to protect my skin from the sun by wearing hats and lots of sunscreens.  Little did I know that damage has already been done and I cannot fix it on my own? After much experimentation, I went to a dermatologist and he suggested me to go for a green peels treatment in Dubai and it was the best decision I ever made for my skin.

Green Peels Treatment

During my initial consultation, the dermatologist told me that it will require three green peels treatment in Dubai sessions for my skin to restore its glow and luster. I went for the first treatment. I didn’t even require anesthesia, my dermatologist used a bit of numbing creams and proceeded with the treatment. It was completely painless. The procedure took nearly 30 minutes and I was done. I was immediately able to return back to work. I was ecstatic about the results. With each treatment, my skin was getting better and better. After I was done with the green peels treatment in Dubai, my skin looked better than ever. I no longer reach to my foundation on an everyday basis. I recommend everyone struggling with skin issues to give green peels treatment in Dubai a try.

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