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Since the last century, the skin problems have increased in number and now almost everyone is suffering from atleast one cosmetic condition. For example the acne is experienced atleast once by everyone in their lifetime and hormonal change during puberty brings several cosmetic changes to the body. Even the bad tattoos are considered as a cosmetic condition and are removed using the non invasive, non surgical procedures.

Skin Specialist

Skin specialists are the doctors with experience in cosmetic treatments. It is dependent upon the Skin Specialist in Sharjah Al Nadha to determine the best suiting treatment for the patient as the factors influencing the cosmetic treatment are

  • Skin tone
  • Age
  • Climate
  • Sensitivity
  • Condition to be treated

A small cut can cause a long term problem and there are several ways to treat a single condition due to advancements in the technology.  Nowadays, skin tone can be boosted and all the birthmarks, scars and fats of the body can be reduced without causing any pain to the patient’s body, moreover the treatment can be boosted by PRP therapy. There are several other treatments that can be added to boost a single cosmetic condition such as Micro-needling treatment can be boosted by using the Radio Waves and PRP therapy.

Micro-needling treatment

The most important treatment in cosmetic world is known as Micro-needling treatment, it works by causing micro injuries to the skin in order to initiate the collagen production and cell regeneration. Normally the procedure takes about an hour to complete and takes about a week to take effects but it can be boosted by using different procedures such as PRP and RF treatment.

RF treatment

RF treatment is radio fractional treatment which is done with the help of radio waves, nowadays the new micro-needling machines come with built-in RF sensors in their tip that targets the infected cells specifically but requires a qualified Best Dermatologist to operate it. The micro-injuries are caused by the micro-needles and the RF wave neutralizes the infected cell completely without causing any harm to the body. The Skin Specialist in Sharjah Al Nadha supervises the treatment in Dubai Laser Treatment to provide the best results to the patients.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy

The therapy is done by taking the blood from patient’s body and extracting the Platelets from it. The Plasma is boosted and reinserted after the treatment to boost the repair procedure of the body. The PRP therapy can be used to boost any kind of the treatment but is mostly used with Micro-needling treatment. There are several other treatments that can be added with the micro-needling treatment such as Radio Frequency treatment. It depends upon the Skin Specialist in Sharjah Al Nadha to determine the best suiting treatment for the patient.

The outer most part of the body is skin and acts as a barrier between bones and outer environment

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