Should Glutathione injections be your No.1 whitening choice?

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The desire to appear beautiful is a part of basic human psyche. The standards of beauty are relative and vary in different cultures around the globe. One of the common factors that is preferred in most regions is a lighter skin tone. Particularly in Asia, whiter skin is considered to be an important part of one’s good looks.

For the purpose of skin lightening, there are a number of treatments that are available. These are mostly nonsurgical and minimally invasive in nature. One of the names that often comes up in these treatments is Glutathione injections in Dubai. These are highly effective when it comes to skin whitening and bring great results.

We shall further dig into the matter to learn whether or not the glutathione injections are the best choice for skin whitening.

A look into Glutathione

Thinking-2It is an antioxidant of very strong nature that is not only naturally present in the body but can also be found in certain foods. It is useful in correcting a number of issues in the body along with dealing with the free radicals. One of the side effects it offers is the lightening of the skin tone. It can also help with certain other skin issues as well.

The treatment is available both in form of injections and pills and they are administered in different dosages. The treatment period also varies in the two modes. The injections seem to be the preferred option by most people as they appear to deliver better eventual results.

Glutathione Injections

glutathione injection for whiteningThe injections are administered intravenously into the body. A typical treatment period of fifteen weeks in which an injection each weak is given. With the progression of the treatments the skin tone significantly lightens. It is important that if you choose this treatment, you must get the treatment through a doctor since they are equipped with managing an unexpected reaction.

Is it the best option?

questionThe treatment is certainly effective and works well. However, if the levels of glutathione in the body are greater than what is required by the body, it can bring with it certain ills. The treatment is not recommended by the FDA for the purpose of skin whitening and therefore caution is a must.

Too much of glutathione in the body can cause skin ailments, kidney failure, Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and some other diseases as well. It is also important to exercise caution when using the treatment along with prescription drugs.

Ideally glutathione should be avoided since it has more cons than pros and there are many other treatment options that are a lot safer than these injections. Consult with a doctor to further enlighten on the matter.

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