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This article is basically my story of trying to fix my acne through Chemical Peels in Abu Dhabi and all the bumps that I encountered along the way. I sincerely hope that this will help all of you struggling with acne. Like many individuals, I initially went with over the counter medications to treat acne. Initially, I was extremely happy with the results. My pimples begin to dry out and I was more than content with that. Eventually, my skin began to dry out. My skin started to peel off at a rapid rate. It didn’t look like the skin; rather it looked like a crushed paper. It freaked me out. After a few other trial and errors, I went to a dermatologist in Abu Dhabi to find a cure. She recommended me to try a glycolic acid peel. She told me that it is one of the best chemical peels in Abu Dhabi.

My Concerns

I told my dermatologist that I didn’t want to damage my skin and I wanted to go slow with the peels. I didn’t want something that would miraculously transform my skin overnight and then I had to suffer later. She was super understanding, listened to my every request and delivered accordingly. Getting a chemical peels treatment from Dubai Laser Treatment was the best think that I could have ever done for myself.

Intensity of the Procedure

As the dermatologist recommended glycolic acid peel amongst chemical peels in Abu Dhabi, she told me, to begin with, 30% glycolic acids peel and then increase the intensity to about 75%. Skin is a sensitive organ and even if you are suffering from cystic acne, your skin requires proper conditioning to be able to handle 75% glycolic acid peel. I got a total number of 7 sessions, spaced over a period of 4 months to acquire completely clear skin. My dermatologist used local anesthesia to numb my skin as I have extremely low pain tolerance. Normally, they use numbing creams for such procedures but I didn’t want to feel a thing, therefore I opted for local anesthesia.

The Results

Results of Chemical Peels in Abu Dhabi were beyond my expectations. I didn’t know that it would make my skin look smooth and flawless along with clearing up my acne. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a permanent acne cure. My skin feels smooth, silky and glowing and hasn’t broken out in past six months, if I had known about chemical peels in Abu Dhabi earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted my time and money on other products.

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