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Spider veins are a common problem. Both men and women suffer from it. They usually appear on the sides of your legs and ankles down to the heels, unfortunately, I was one of the people who suffered from it. I don’t know why I had them exactly but I think because I had a job that required me to sit in front of the computer all day. They initially begin to appear on the sides of my ankles and gradually spread on my entire leg. It made me really uncomfortable and restricted my clothing choices as well. I couldn’t wear anything cropped and was always covering up my legs with tights and pants, even in the hot weather. I was too afraid that my spider veins will make people look at me differently. I desperately begin to search for a Spider Veins Treatment in Abu Dhabi that will cure all my worries, once and for all.

My hunt for the best

I hunted for the best clinics and dermatologists in the area as well as the popular treatments for spider veins. I came across two main treatments; Sclerotherapy and Laser spider veins treatment in Dubai. I choose the latter one because I could immediately return back to work after the treatment. I shortlisted three clinics which spoke to me. Amongst them, I choose Dubai Laser Clinic because they offered a free initial consultation and allowed me to decide for myself whether I wanted to undergo the treatment or not. I felt so comfortable with the dermatologists and could tell they are not merely interested in cash but genuinely wanted to solve my problem. I felt happy and scheduled a Laser spider veins treatment in Dubai with them.

How the procedure went?

The Spider Veins Removal treatment in Abu Dhabi went really well and was completed in just 36 minutes. What? Whoa? Yes, that was my exact expression. I was really surprised and I asked the doctor several times that I am done already? And she assured me that I was. I‘ll give you a brief insight into the procedure. Numbing creams were applied on my legs to avoid any pain. Then the doctor moved a laser device across my skin’s surface, mainly focusing on the spider veins. Laser targeted these veins which allowed them to close shut and allowed the blue vessels to fade away. My doctor told me that I had to undergo two more treatments to eliminate spider veins completely. I must stay it was the best decision I could have ever made in regards to spider veins treatment in Dubai. Within three sessions of spider veins treatment in Dubai, my veins completely vanished, allowing me to feel confident in my skin. I can wear whatever I want and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.



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