Is Weight Loss Possible With Mesotherapy?

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The field of the cosmetic surgery is growing so rapidly and with such speed and advancements that the new treatments are being released everyday and the old ones are being improved. There are several therapies that provide complete solution for every kind of cosmetic problem but only solutions are composed to work with injected solutions. Mesotherapy is one of the treatments that work by injecting the solution to the body that makes the skin better by healing it. Not only this, the Mesotherapy is considered as the ideal non invasive therapy for the treatment of extra fats on the body of the skin. Extra fats are removed in this method by injecting the solution to the skin of the body that causes breakdown in the fats. The fats are then passed to the liver for processing and the affected area is cleared from the fats forever. The Mesotherapy can also be used to treat wrinkles, aging affects and fine lines.

Is Weight Loss Possible With Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is considered as the better treatment based on technological advancements because it targets exactly on the right part of the mesoderm and the solution injected inside the mesoderm consists of solution prepared by qualified dermatologists to boost the results from every aspect. According to a report, the solution in Mesotherapy is developed by mixture of homeopathic, herbals and traditional medicines so that the patient can get the best result from the Mesotherapy without any problem.


Is Weight Loss Possible With Mesotherapy? Injections can be applied to any part of the body and they start working as soon as the solution is injected inside the body. It is not only the safest treatment for breakdown for fats of the body but is also good for treating the aging effects on hand and treatment of excessive fats. not only this, the Mesotherapy is being used for the treatment of the hair loss as well.


The Mesotherapy works in way that the injection is applied to the affected area of the skin to start the cell regeneration process. The ingredient of the injection is the solution approved by the FDA of the respective country and the Dermatologists aren’t allowed to use anything other than approved ingredients. Different surgery stations have different formulas based on their requirement of the treatment but commonly used ingredients are as

Hyaluronidase: it is an enzyme naturally present in the human body and is responsible for breakdown of the acids. Hyalouronidase is the most commonly used element for breakdown of the cellulite as breakdown of acids present in connective tissue are best targeted by the hyalouridase.

L-Carnitine – The ingredient responsible for breakdown of the fats and their transportation to mitochondria is known as the L Carnitine. The fats are then utilized by the mitochondria for energy and are transported throughout the body.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and Dexycholate(DC) both the enzymes are naturally occurring in the body of the human being and are used for assistance in fat breakdown but when they both are mixed in the Mesotherapy, they work as assistant for breakdown of the fats and making it dissolvable in the water so that it passes out through the urine.

Aminophylline is another ingredient that helps in transportation and breakdown of the fats of the body cells. It allows the body to be healed much faster as it widens the capillaries to allow better flow of oxygen and nutrients and aids in destruction of the fat particles.

Procedure care

Non-invasive and non-surgical procedure is what Mesotherapy is, that’s the reason why Mesotherapy treatment is relatively easier and provides the best treatment for excessive fats on the body of the patient. Mesotherapy treatment in Dubai is available with the least downtime in the fat removal treatments and it is free of pain as well. The injection needle is the only pain and depends on the area of the treatment. The area after the treatment needs to be kept away from the sunlight for few days and use of anti-biotic medicines is strictly prohibited during this season. Alcohol and drugs should be avoided for several days before and after the treatment and the treated area shouldn’t be scratched or itched for several hours of treatment. the treated area might appear reddish for up-to 36hours but if the condition persists, consult the dermatologist.

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