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Enlarged pores are the basic problem of every teen. Everyone in his life at least gets the enlarged pores once in their lifetime. The problem is so big that doctors have termed it as one of the biggest reason for confidence issues in the teenagers. Enlarged pores are caused due to excess of sebum, dirt and oil on the pores of the skin that causes the pore blockage. Blocked pores tend to get larger and cause a major cosmetic problem. The Get Rid of Large Pores for Goods and acne are closely related but the acne has specialized bacteria that makes the acne more powerful. Enlarged pores can be treated by several ways but they are known to disappear after the teenage but in some serious cases they stick throughout the life time and need to be treated by a specialized dermatologist.

Several treatments are available for the cure of large pores, typically of two types surgical and non surgical. Surgical treatments are invasive in nature and require the patient to stay on bed rest for several days after the treatment whereas non surgical treatments are non invasive in nature and allow the person to get back to normal routine after the treatment.

There are several treatments available for large pores in Dubai; ranging from medicines to herbal care to peeling treatments. Some of the permanent treatments for enlarged pores are discussed below.


Herbal medicines have been used to cure the pores since eternity. It is major permanent treatment for enlarged pores but it works slowly as the herbal formula is applied to the affected area of the body and it works slower than the usual treatments available in the market.


There are several creams available in the market that get absorbed in the affected area and allow the skin to be healed from inside the body. Although they are not ideal Get Rid of Large Pores for Good but they provide good and long lasting results if applied for long time.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are one of the most successful and long lasting permanent treatment for enlarged pores available in the market. The chemical peels are applied to the affected area of the skin that causes the skin to blister and eventually peel off. The compounds in the chemical peel formula are especially enhanced to boost the collagen production and cell regeneration so that the new outer layer of the skin grows quickly and at much faster speed. The newly generated skin is free of enlarged pores and is smoother and tighter.

Laser treatment

One of the most successful permanent treatment for Enlarged pores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Get Rid of Large Pores for Good provides the best result and heals the enlarged pores quickly. Laser works in way that the laser gun is applied to the affected area of the body to create holes in the dead cells for regeneration and collagen production. Enlarged pores are depleted by the laser and the newly generated skin is free of pores.

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