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Almost every single woman on earth in affected by the problem of unwanted hair, unless you are really, really lucky. And if you are one of those women who have absolutely no body hair, then I envy you. Well, there is certainly not a lot of us. Most of us have to maintain unwanted body hair on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending upon our method of choice. Traditional methods involve a lot of effort on our part and still, you don’t experience smooth and silky skin 24/7. The ideal way to go about this problem is via full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi.

3 Key Reasons to Choose Laser Hair Removal

There are endless benefits to full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi. Following are the three key benefits:

  1. Precision

Lasers have a very high degree of precision. They only target hair follicles, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. This degree of precision is impossible to achieve with traditional hair removal methods which make full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi an ideal choice.

  1. Speed

The speed at which full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi works well is unmatchable. Waxing, shaving, threading consume a lot of time on a regular basis while laser can treat your entire body in a matter of few minutes and you will be left with a smooth, hair free skin for life.

  1. Predictability

The results are predictable. Most of the patients experience permanent hair removal in a matter of 4 to 7 sessions. The dermatologist will tell you in advance how many sessions will you need prior to the full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi.

Key Things to Consider Prior to Laser

Before you get super stoked on the idea of full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi, here is a list of things you must consider prior to the treatment day.

  • You must shave the area prior to going for the treatment session.
  • I know tanning is a huge thing lately but simply stay away from it and yes, I mean natural tanning as well as fake tanning.
  • Ask for a test patch first. Different skins react differently to different types of lasers and you must ensure the safety of your skin prior to a full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi.
  • You won’t be magically smooth and silky after the very first session of full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi.
  • You have to protect your eyes during the treatment. You simply have to.
  • You have to be consistent with the laser treatments if you want complete hair removal within a specified number of treatments.
  • Stock up on sunscreen. Slather the sun protection of SPF 50 or above all over your body immediately after full body laser hair removal Abu Dhabi.

Free Consultation

Different skins react differently to various types of lasers. For this reason, we offer an initial consultation free of cost ion which our dermatologists will let you know which type of lasers suit you best. Fill out the free form down below.

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